About Us


Since 2012 we have been providing web design, web application development, custom software, and general IT consulting services to companies all over the United States and some West African countries through our old company, CoolPages Technology Services. We have developed software and graphics projects for over 150 companies and individuals with an average of 150,000 users. Since we were acquired by StairRack and begun services as Atrium in late 2017, we have developed 4 intranet sites and applications and over 16 websites in the last few months. As a business unit providing services in different sub-fields, we value improvement. All of our experts, specialists, developers etc are top-notch and noble men and women. Our clients range from large companies to startups (MotivatedElite, AV Ultimate Cleaning) to religious organizations, to other non-profits. Atrium provides a one-stop-shop for IT expertise allowing individuals or companies of all sizes to have a single reliable source for training, client/server application development, internet browser-based applications, website design and intranet application, support, auditing and general computer consultation. We are the solution you need! See Our Services
We are transitioning and improving our services!Improved team, improved quality and improved results

We are improving services which comes with addition of new team members, new solutions and new name. We are merging with our subsidiary company in the great city of Lagos, Nigeria. Be on the look out for our new name and other resources.

Thank you!